We help you to Strengthen and reinforce your brand.

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We detect your brand integrity throughout your ecosystem and provide you with an in-depth look at what is driving customers to or perhaps away from your business. Giving you the necessary insight to strengthen and reinforce your company’s brand and reputation.

Brand Integrity

We check the adherence to
 your branding and signage guidelines, positioning, PR policy, merchandising programs, presence of POS materials, activation of campaigns, planogram and store layout.

Customer Experience

We help you gaining better insight in your customers by performing customer satisfaction programs, field visits, mystery shopping, mystery calling, retail and franchise audits as well as supplier audits.

Operational Effectiveness

We review how your operations and supply chain are performing on category management, inventory, out-of-stock, production, quality, specifications, packaging and handling, distribution and timeliness.

System Compliance

We audit if your organization and ecosystem comply with your company policies, guidelines, regulatory standards and contractual provisions such as pricing, licenses, royalties, bonus and kick-backs.

Building Trust and Consistency

Trust and consistency are the foundation for a strong brand, so protecting your brand integrity throughout your organization and ecosystem is crucial.

Richard Rademaker de Ridder

Richard Rademaker de Ridder


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